Back to basics

Sat Sep 24 2022

I really enjoy UI design but over the past few years, I’ve dedicated most of my learning time to web development. Learning frameworks, learning javascript well, CSS, build processes, code pipelines, etc. It’s a lot and unfortunately, design got lost along the way.

However, I am trying to dedicate more time to learning it. To that end, this is the first of several design exercises focusing on small elements of design.

So these are simple explorations free of surrounding clutter, design and any other elements.


Callouts are simply bits of text used to “call out” attention to any specific information you’d like to highlight. These are simple layouts playing with different font types, sizes and of course, callouts.

The Design Journal

As a way to learn in public and continue learning, I started a design journal (linked in the main nav above). It’s an app I’ve wanted to create for years now but just never bit the bullet. I had many ideas for it but in the end, the goal is to think and write about Web/UI design. The concept and the questions are taken from Jonathan Z. White and his article, “Developing your Eye for Design”. It’s a humble attempt at which I am trying to make an earnest effort. And I’m excited and curious to see my progression in this endeavor.