My personal site had always been a portfolio site. Changing course now has to do with a few simple facts:

  1. My regular 9to5 jobs keep my pretty busy that I don’t do much freelance work anymore. And because of that, I don’t have much of a portfolio these days. I don’t feel like having 2 or 3 small projects as a portfolio really touches on the experience I have or reflects the work I’m doing.
  2. Because I have full-time jobs as a developer, I am not really seeking out potential clients so my portfolio is not high priority right now.
  3. Any time I have for freelancing is spent on a joint venture, Tech-Mex, I have going with my friend, George Ramirez.
  4. I feel like if I do seek employment, prospective employers would rather see code samples and/or thoughts/writings on front end.

I’m not exactly sure yet how much time I plan to devote to blogging. At the very least, I hope to motivate myself enough to keep this as a learning journal, chronicling any new bits of information I learn along the way.