He/Him • Father • Husband • Chicano

Hola! I'm Alex, a Front End Developer with a passion for smart design and beautiful code.

I'm currently working as a senior software engineer at DHI Group Inc. helping employers and job seekers connect.

Previously I worked as a software engineer at Recount Media. If you don't follow The Recount, you absolutely should.

When not working, I enjoy spending time with my brilliant wife and two amazing daughters. I love exploring Mexican culinary arts (and perfecting my salsas) and plant-based cooking. I also enjoy listening to, discovering and sharing music, new and old. And when not doing any of the above, I pretend to know how to play music.

Presently working with VueJS

Previously worked with ReactJS/Rescript

React Logo

Worked with Angular 4 - 9 before that

Svelte for happiness

Always TypeScript