Hola! I'm Alex.

I'm a Web developer with a passion for building great user interfaces.

I'm currently working as a front end software engineer at Recount Media. If you don't follow The Recount, you absolutely should.

While my passion lies in UI design and development, I’m working toward a more thorough understanding of programming and software engineering.

When not working, I enjoy spending time with my brilliant wife and two amazing daughters. I love exploring Mexican culinary arts (and perfecting my salsas) and plant-based cooking. I also enjoy listening to, discovering and sharing music, new and old. And when not doing any of the above, I pretend to know how to play guitar.

I seek out and support inclusive workplaces

I enjoy working in and toward an environment that treats individuals with respect and dignity. I believe a team/workplace should allow for people to be wrong without fear, learn with and from others, and nurture individual potential.

I will not work on software or applications that violate my personal ethics, people's privacy, or are intentionally deceitful

As the reach and impact of the Web and the software we create within it grows, the potential for (and evidence of) its intentionally harmful or otherwise inappropriate use has escalated. I believe in the Web as a platform for humanity's potential to create a civilized and just world.

I make strong efforts to hold myself to high standards, professionally and socially

As a Web developer, I strive to stay up to date regarding my craft. But I also work daily on understanding, learning and at times re-learning the fundamentals of user-centered UI and programming. I attempt to write code that other developers can read and work hard to ensure user interfaces I help build are usable by the people for which they are intended.

As a human, I strive to treat others with respect, empathy and kindness and attempt to practice gratitude as often as is possible.

About this site

Here you'll find random thoughts and notes about things I'm digging, learning or observing; mostly posts about music, culture and coding.