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A list of what i'm into at the moment. updated Apr 26, 2024

Been on a bit of a deep dive lately, exploring the intricacies of CSS layouts with Flexbox and CSS Grid. There's so much more to these powerful tools than I initially realized! It's a challenging but incredibly rewarding experience - it takes some serious thought processing to truly master them.

A big shoutout to Heydon Pickering, Andy Bell, Stephanie Eckles, Jen Simmons, Rachel Andrew, Lea Verou, Una Kravets, and Adam Argyle – their resources have been invaluable on this journey.

As a result of this exploration, I'm taking a bit of a break from Tailwind. Don't know if it's a permanent departure, but I'm rediscovering my enjoyment of writing raw CSS. Tailwind is too much of an abstraction for my preferences - it caused big gaps in my understanding of fundamental concepts.

Beyond layouts, I'm also venturing into the world of Web Components and the Declarative Shadow DOM. It's an exciting space with a lot of potential.

Learning Astro, a static site generator, starting with rebuilding this site.

On a lighter note, my music tastes remain all over the place. But my current obsession is Tyler Jon Tyler (with a most bad ass Filipina American guitarist/singer). And finally spending a little time learning to play the jarana huasteca

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