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A list of unfinished ideas, practice and learning exercises, and small personal projects.

Design Journal

A site created with Processwire CMF, a PHP-based content management system/framework. The goal for this is to get better at looking at the details of other sites and be able to describe what I like about them in an effort to learn more about design from others.

CSS Loaders

A very small (as of 2 May, 2023) collection of CSS loading animations. I will add more over time.

Responsive Tester

A simple iframe viewer to help check responsive styles. Good for blog posts maybe? Created a Web Component out of the Svelte component, source code can be found here.


A basic toggle made with only HTML and CSS.

A simple app that helps keep track of time spent on a task. Offline-first PWA (Progressive Web App), local storage, built with SvelteKit. If needed, user data can be synced to another device, handled with Userbase ensuring security and privacy.

Kettlebell Swing Counting App

I started this as a Sketch exercise to work on some UI design. I liked it enough that I decided to create an actual app. It's a ReactJS app with a self-hosted headless CMS (Cockpit CMS) and Chart.js for the stats page.

A simple vanilla JS app that lets you jot down a quick note. Just copy the link and send it to yourself or anyone else.


A different take on the simple notes app with a little more fun. Anyone can use it, just type in some text, send the link and make someone’s day. Or at least a happy couple of minutes.


A simple app using Svelte. Updated from previous version improving the reading experience and the accuracy of the calculations.


A basic app I made with my daughter to help her practice math problems. Built with Svelte.


Fun Covid project. I challenged myself to complete this in a weekend. It can use some improvements but overall, I think it came out pretty good for just under 20 hours of work. This was created using a json store as a backend and NextJS for the front. Lotería is a Mexican game of chance similar to Bingo.