Site Redesign -

Sun Oct 30 2022

I launched a newly re-designed site for my wife’s first book, Social Studies for a Better World. It took a while to get to a version with which I was happy. The idea was to create a professional site but still keep it fun and lively.

From the book’s cover, I had four colors available:


Since this is a site with presentatioinal information and no interactivity, I really didn’t need to develop any colors for for state changes, notifications, etc. (e.g. error, warning or success notifications). However, I did add an extra three colors I felt added some visual interest.


I used these mainly for footer and accent colors to add a bit of difference from the main header. The site is mostly text information between the dark background of the header and the footer.

While the design is rather basic and mainstream, it took a while to get to the final result. I played around with design ideas that had more whimsy, a brighter feel. Here’s the design progression and iterations. There were many steps in between but I think it’s a good map of start to finish.

Social Studies for a Better World