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These are a few projects I've worked on over the past few years to either work on learning something new or work on my UI design skills.

TimeTracker is a simple app that helps keep track of time spent on a task. I created it out of need, having to keep an estimate of time I spend on projects at work. I looked at various apps and while there are plenty of good ones around, they were all way more than I needed (too much functionality). It is an offline-first PWA built with SvelteKit and uses local storage for saving data. If needed, user accoutns can be created to access your tasks and times from a different computer or browser. All user data is handled with Userbase.

Adding a task

Adding a Project

Adding a Project and Task

Editing and Deleting a Project

Kettlebell Swing Counting App Login Screen

Kettlebell Swing Counting App Counter Screen

Kettlebell Swing Counting App Stats Screen

Kettlebell Swings Counter

I started this as a Sketch exercise to work on some UI design. I liked it enough that I decided to create an actual app. It's a ReactJS app with a self-hosted headless CMS (Cockpit CMS) and Chart.js for the stats page.

A simple vanilla JS app that lets you jot down a quick note. Just copy the link and send it to yourself or anyone else.


A different take on the simple notes app, I wanted to make something a little more fun. I created this app to send a family member a nice celebratory message. Anyone can use it, though. Just type in your own text, send the link and make someone's day. Or at least a happy couple of minutes.

Congrats App Landing Screen

Congrats App Edit Screen


A simple app using Svelte. My math might be a bit off but it was mostly a Svelte-learning exercise. But I plan to revisit the app and make some UI improvments for a better reading experience as well as checking and testing the accuracy of the app.



I needed something to keep my daughter and me busy during Covid lockdown. She complained about being bored at home and with her 2nd grade schoolwork. She'd ask me to write down math problems for her. So she and I worked on this quick Svelte app.

Math Worksheets


Another fun Covid project. I challenged myself to complete this in a weekend. It can use some improvements but overall, I think it came out pretty good for just under 20 hours of work. This was created using a json store as a backend and NextJS for the front. Lotería is a Mexican game of chance similar to Bingo.

Playig Card

When a player registers, they are given a randomly generated card. Users can get a new card using the pink button, clear thier card with the white button, and declare ¡Lotería! when they've won using the green button.

If you notice, when a player clicks the card, a pinto bean appears over it. This is a nod back to when I played with my family. Beans were commonly used to mark a card.

Dealer View

This is the view the dealer sees. Pretty simple process... the dealer clicks the deck of cards and they are displayed for verification when someone declared ¡Lotería!.


When someone clicks the green button declaring a win, the dealer can verify they won by clicking a button to view the player's card(s).

Lotería App